May/June 2015 — Home & Design Magazine

Growing up in rural Chesterland, Ohio, Eve Stockton loved exploring the deep woods and environs near her home. The house, overlooking farm fields, was cantilevered above a ravine that led to a small series of caves. “It was really magical,” recalls Stockton. “I would go out and play for most of the day. It seemed so natural.”

Those early adventures are much more than distant memories for the artist. Drawing from a lifetime of outdoor observations, her large-scale prints—vivid seascapes, hazy landscapes, imagined stirrings of life—conjure the primal power and robust beauty of nature. Inspiration has also come from printed images collected over years. “I’ve always been so interested in nature and exploring imagery,” she says, adding enthusiastically, “Woodcut printing is a brilliant medium for what I want to express.”

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