June 28, 2012 — The Washington Post

Some 25 blocks east, Long View Gallery is showing work that has much in common with Kentridge’s and Nash’s. Eve Stockton is a printmaker who uses a traditional form, wood block, but on an usually large scale. Inspired in part by visits to Nova Scotia, the Connecticut artist crafts views of nature, both macro and micro. Her painstaking technique and some visual motifs, such as waves and branches, recall great Japanese printmakers such as Hokusai (the subject of a recent Sackler Gallery exhibition). But Stockton doesn’t emulate her Japanese precursors’ dramatic compositions, preferring all-over designs that feature repeated forms. She often focuses on modest objects, such as seed pods, or depicts cellular patterns that could represent nature in extreme closeup. If Stockton were to take Mount Fuji as a subject, she’d probably fix on its tiniest details.

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